Glossary of terms used in Perennial Philosophy  

secundum rectam rationem artis
    (Language:   Latin)
according to the correct understanding of art. (more)

secundum rem
    (Language:   Latin)
according to the thing itself. (more)

sophia perennis
    (Language:   Greek)
"Perennial Wisdom"; the eternal, non-formal Truth at the heart of all orthodox religious traditions. (more)

splendor Veritatis
    (Language:   Latin)
splendor of the True. (more)

sub rationem dicendi sive intelligendi
    (Language:   Latin)
according to the reasons (understanding) taught and understood. (more)

sub specie aeternitatis
    (Language:   Latin)
under the aspect of eternity. (more)

Summum Bonum
    (Language:   Latin)
the Highest or Supreme Good. (more)

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