Glossary of terms used in Buddhism  

ji yu
    (Language:   Japanese)
freedom. (more)

    (Language:   Japanese)
the head monk in charge of the meditation hall in a Zen monastery. (more)

    (Language:   Japanese)
literally, "power of the self"; (more)
Related Terms: tariki

jishin kyonin shin
    (Language:   Japanese)
Shan-tao’s motto for the way to repay the Buddha’s benevolence. It means “to teach the faith which one has received oneself.” (more)

    (Language:   Japanese)
Japanese term for "Pure Land." (more)

Jodo shinshu
    (Language:   Japanese)
"true pure land school"; a sect of Japanese Pure Land Buddhism founded by Shinran (more)

Jodo shu
    (Language:   Japanese)
The tradition maintained by the successors of Honen. (more)

    (Language:   Japanese)
Joshu (in Chinese, "Chao-chou") lived from approximately 778 - 897 C.E. and was one of the earliest and greatest of the Chinese Zen masters. (more)
Related Terms: Chao-chou

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