Glossary of terms used in Christianity  

ab extra
    (Language:   Latin)
In Latin, “from outside”; proceeding from something extrinsic or external. (more)

ad alterum
    (Language:   Latin)
"toward another" (more)

ad extra
    (Language:   Latin)
In Latin, “at the extremity”; from the point of view of a boundary or limit. (more)

ad intra
    (Language:   Latin)
In Latin, “at the interior”; considered from within. (more)

ad se
    (Language:   Latin)
"toward itself" (more)

    (Language:   Greek)
Selfless “love”, as of God for man and man for God; human compassion for one’s neighbor; equivalent of Latin caritas. (more)

    (Language:   Latin)
the "other," in contrast to the ego or individual self. (more)

Ave Maria
    (Language:   Latin)
"Hail, Mary"; traditional prayer to the Blessed Virgin (more)

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